City Center

City Center District

Jerseyville City Center District Mission
Our mission is to create a collective atmosphere that encourages the visitor, while fostering a haven for the family and business development through history, growth, and assets.

Jerseyville City Center Vision
The Jerseyville City Center will be a cultural hub in the community boasting a wide variety of assets. It will become a welcoming place for all to live, work, and play. With the assistance of the City, County, community members and organizations, the City Center Team will partner with the
each of these individuals to welcome the visitor through a beautiful, entertaining, and vibrant district. Community assets and a full calendar of events will encourage year-round visitors to our district. Our vibrant collection of hospitality and entertainment options on the ground floor, paired with boutique overnight options and residential spaces on
the upper levels will allow for diverse living and working options. A vibrant City Center will be a wonderful environment for the pedestrian to experience the historic, convenient, and entertaining community space.

Jerseyville City Center Goals

-Increase sale tax revenue within the District.
-Increase property values within the District.
-Increase new business start-ups within the District.
-Provide the opportunity for business expansion within the District.
-Create a welcoming atmosphere in the District…pedestrian
friendly. family friendly. & visitor friendly.
-Establish the Historic City Center as a Destination.
-Create, Promote and Maintain a calendar specific to the Historic City Center.
-Establish a digital web-based visitor applications for Explore Jerseyville with elements specific to the City Center.
-Expand Jerseyville on additional mapping and web listings to encourage the outside Visitor. (i.e. the Tesla charging map for our charging stations being installed in City Center Park, working with a Google representative to accurately represent our community and its information to the visitor)
-Use of digital way-finding protocols to easily maneuver around the Historic City Center.
-Establish a free WIFI option in the Historic City Center for the visitor.

Economic Vitality
Collaborate with the existing business community to build a
diverse economic base – Catalyze smart new investment –
Cultivate a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem